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Bordeaux Harvest 2013 – is there hope?

Cabernet Grapes turning red in the warm gravelly soils of St Estephe (Lafon-Rochet). We have never experienced these difficult growing conditions before (cold, wet spring, rain at flowering, storms, hail – see earlier articles). Due to the late start the entire growing season has been delayed by at least two weeks which brings harvest into the … Continue reading

Hell, it is the season of Hail! 2013 already unlucky for some.

Last night’s hail storm (2nd August) has damaged around 4000 hectares of vineyards in Bordeaux first reports announce. The worst area to be hit is Grezillac in the Entre-Deux-Mer (and it is not the first time, already suffering losses on July 26) stripping the leaves off 100s of hectares of vines. Ping-pong ball sized hail … Continue reading

5 horse power at Pontet Canet

Turbo, one of Pontet Canet’s 5 stocky Breton draft horses, resting in his stable during the recent heatwave in Bordeaux where températures got up to 37°C. The horses get days off when températures are over 30°C. The horses are responsible for working in 40 hectares of the vineyards of Pontet Canet (which represents about half … Continue reading

St Emilion to celebrate its ‘Ban de Vendanges’ 15 September – weeks before the actual harvest is due to begin!

The Jurade was created in 1199 by John Lackland, son of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henri II King of England to protect and give privilèges to the wines of St Emilion. Le temps d’un week-end à Saint-Emilion… Saint-Emilion, le 2 août 2013 Après 4 jours de folie qui ont embrasé la cité dans le cadre du … Continue reading