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France’s Wealthiest Wine Giants mostly from Bordeaux, no longer a level playing field

These are the millionaire giants that the small independent family wine producer have to compete against. They have the power and the distribution networks to take over markets. They are driving out the small Producer who makes their money uniquely from selling wine. Bordeaux is no longer a level playing field. Bernard Arnault of LVMH – owner … Continue reading

The Unlevel Playing Field that is St Emilion today

 A few personal thoughts from a independant bystander on the recent re-classification. For me this photo of hands in soil sums up what wine is; the passing of a inate knowledge built up over time of a family from one generation to another.  The knowledge of a particular soil and how nature interacts in a particular vineyard … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2013 Vintage late starter

The good news is the flowers will be blooming at the time of the Fête de la Fleur (big party at Château Lagrange invites only!) which is due to take place Thursday June 20, as is custom, as the world’s biggest professional wine fair, Vinexpo, comes to an end. Normally the flowers have been and gone by then. … Continue reading