What to expect Bordeaux Primeurs 2012? 5 Keys to producing successful wines

The networks are already filled with views about #bdx12 and the official week has not yet started. Bordeaux is already beginning to fill with the foreign faces of the world wine trade, the early birds to taste the baby vintage 2012, already prodded and poked with barely six months of age. Criticised but surprisingly not yet written off. Wait for the release of prices for that…..

…..STOP PRESS Record early even before the primeurs! JP Moueix just released prices for Belair Monange, Lafleur Petrus …15% lower than 2011 not because of quality but because of the market,need to create excitement otherwise the campaign will flop like last year they state! Trade is awaiting at least 30% reductions

A few thoughts come to mind as we prepare for the onslaught;

Many wine producers in Bordeaux got it wrong this year. Only the best winemakers made good wines this year (or those with a lot of money to select very rigorously).

If producers were SENSITIVE and OPEN enough start October to change the recipe this year, you can expect SUCCESSFUL 2012s TO HAVE:

concentrated black fruits, good structure and tannins, pure aromatics, freshness (more oumph and potential than the charming, fruity 2011s, not the class of the two outstanding vintages of 09 and 10 but still potentially very good)


1. MERLOT IS QUEEN this year, ripening well during the heat of the summer and lack of rain gave concentration

2. EARLIER was better this year BEFORE the rains (which began Oct 12 and did not let up) which gave healthy ripe grapes with freshness

3. GENTLE EXTRACTION early on and not too long, to be gentle on the uneven ripeness this year (coming from the spread out flowering)

4. Judicious use of TOUCH OF OAK to accentuate the wonderful fruit component this year and not the already tannic structure

5. The right PRICE, 2011 campaign was a disaster as prices were too high (staying up after the outstanding 2009, 2010). Looking for a significant fall this year. Will have to wait for May/June for the beginning of the releases……..

Will you be able to spot them during this primeur week?

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