French Family buys 173 hectare Danish Château de Seguin in Bordeaux

 Owners since 2009 of the Château La France à Beychac-et-Cailleau (known for its giant steel cock designed by Georges Saulterre , the MOTTET family buy Château de Seguin at Lignan in the Entre Deux Mers (from the Danish Carl family). The family have also bought the  négotiant merchant business of Carl wine (to be renamed Bwine). The Mottet family have spent 60 years in maritime (naval construction and arms).

                 Bruno MOTTET will run both properties Château de Seguin (173 with 140 hectares vines) and Château La France (90 with 70 hectares under vine) total of over 200 hectares under vine of  the appellation Bordeaux Supérieur.


Château La France Wine Tourism

Off the Beaten Track

Château La France lies just off the N89, the road that links Bordeaux with Libourne, 20 km from Bordeaux. These gentle undulating hills are Bordeaux Superieur country. A giant steel cockerel created by Georges Saulterre and reaching 20 metres high, marks the entrance to this large estate with its 19th century château. Its rolling vineyards lie all round giving beautiful views and sense of privacy. The property is open for visits throughout the year and are free with wine aroma workshops included. What is unique is that you can rent the château in its entirety with private swimming pool (12 people for around 3000€ per week). Your own keys to your own château! Owner Bruno Mottet admits that his reason for developing wine tourism is to help build customer loyalty for his wines rather than to particularly create revenue.

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