Wine Tasting Notes obsolete as soon as they are written? too subjective and transcient to be of value?

Interesting dialogue (tweets) between two wine writers and tasters on Twitter regarding the true value of the Tasting Note between American Howard G Goldberg (New York Times plus) and English Stephen Brook (Decanter).


@StephenPBrook: Mine clutter up my computer until summoned forth to do their duty. With age they atrophy, as indeed they should.

@howardggoldberg:Exactly. The next question troubling me: Given the subjectivity of tasting notes, are our Everests of notes almost debris?

@StephenPBrookLimited but not worthless, though it does depend on the critic – and the wine. That doesn’t get us very far.

@howardggoldberg: If a critic comments on a ’13 book, the book’s the same in ’16. What’s the value in ’16 of a wine critic’s ’13 review of a maturing ’11?

Good question!


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