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French Family buys 173 hectare Danish Château de Seguin in Bordeaux

 Owners since 2009 of the Château La France à Beychac-et-Cailleau (known for its giant steel cock designed by Georges Saulterre , the MOTTET family buy Château de Seguin at Lignan in the Entre Deux Mers (from the Danish Carl family). The family have also bought the  négotiant merchant business of Carl wine (to be renamed Bwine). The Mottet family … Continue reading

Wine Tasting Notes obsolete as soon as they are written? too subjective and transcient to be of value?

Interesting dialogue (tweets) between two wine writers and tasters on Twitter regarding the true value of the Tasting Note between American Howard G Goldberg (New York Times plus) and English Stephen Brook (Decanter). @StephenPBrook: Mine clutter up my computer until summoned forth to do their duty. With age they atrophy, as indeed they should. @howardggoldberg:Exactly. The … Continue reading

17th Vinexpo – good for Bordeaux not theTrojan Horse!

Between the 16 to 20 June 2013 Bordeaux opens its doors to over 50,000 wine professionals. Its first in 1981 was viewed by some as a potential Trojan Horse inviting the world’s wine competition to Bordeaux”s doorstep. Today Vinexpo is an accepted part of the city’s calender (every other year) particularly appreciated by restaurateurs, taxi drivers and hotels alike. Just don’t try and … Continue reading