It is not a matter of being bad losers says the Boidron family of Corbin Michotte


There are three château  that are contesting the new classification complaining particularly about the way the tastings were carried out.There is talk that the INAO are thinking about stopping the classification that causes so much contention. To me it shows that tasting wine is too subjective and inconsistent.

Corbin Michotte cannot understand how they could be declassified having come second in ‘la Coupe des Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion’ a few months before in front of Canon Gaffeliere who were promoted to Grand Cru Classé

They purchased the 7 hectare vineyard of Corbin Michotte in 1959, Grand Cru Classée since 1955. Owner Jean-Noel Boidron is a well known oenologist having conducted much research at the Faculty of Oenology at Bordeaux University (on the thresholds of different molecules and at what point they become noticeable ‘seuils de detection’) where he was a professor. His son Emmanuel is in charge of sales and Hubert (oenologist also) who is in charge of the vines and winemaking.Since the 18th century the Boidron family have been winemakers and today own a total of 70 hectares in St Emilion and Pomerol.

Two château were demoted from Grand Cru Classé; Corbin Michotte as mentioned and Le Château La Tour du Pin Figeac owned by Sylvie et André Giraud (already demoted in 2006 and then reinstated). The other château to contest is organic Château Croque Michotte, neighbour to Corbin Michotte, who contested loudly in 2006 when their application to become classified Grand Cru Classé was not successful, repeated in 2012.

Philippe Faniest views of promoted Château Rochebelle and Pierre Carle’s (organic Croque Michotte) comments underneath

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