Passing of Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology Doyen

Sad news to start the new year with the news of the death of Bernard Donèche, the doyen since 2005 and of the state of the art location for the faculty since 2009, the Institute of the Science of the Vine and Wine. Experienced researcher particularly in wine biochemistry particularly  botrytis cinerea (noble rot). He was also author of several books including ‘Traité d’oenologie’ with Pascal Ribereau Gayon and Denis Dubourdieu. He was 62, father of 3 and died after a long illness.

I met Bernard several times at Bordeaux’s Faculty of Oenology while studying for the DUAD (Diplome Universitaire Aptitude de Dégustation) and while working to help promote the Concours de Vins particularly the Challenge International des Vins for which he was president.

We were both intronised at the same time for the ancient guild of Côtes de Bourg, the Connetable de Guyenne in April 2008.


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