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Lost in London – France’s Small Independent Wine Producers

The UK market is saturated with wine, surprising really with the second-highest duty in the EU (behind Ireland) at £1.90 per bottle (an increase of 46% in the last 4 years). Add VAT and it totals £2.40 per bottle. It is a very difficult market to enter, particularly if you are a small producer on your own. The smaller independent … Continue reading

It is not a matter of being bad losers says the Boidron family of Corbin Michotte

. There are three château  that are contesting the new classification complaining particularly about the way the tastings were carried out.There is talk that the INAO are thinking about stopping the classification that causes so much contention. To me it shows that tasting wine is too subjective and inconsistent. Corbin Michotte cannot understand how they … Continue reading

Get to know which are your favorite Grand Cru Bordeaux without breaking the bank

Yes very difficult these days but there is a way! Come to central Bordeaux on the 18th May, and you will have the chance to taste many grand cru classé wines including the excellent 2010 vintage and an older vintage of each of the 100 properties present. Pinpoint your favorite properties for when you have … Continue reading

Sweet Bordeaux – Time for a Resurgence?

With minuscule yields, astronomical picking costs, and falling prices the sums do not add up for many of the small independent producers of sweet Bordeaux, particularly when traditional demand for their wine is down. The legendary sweet wines of Bordeaux, produced by the magical noble rot, were heralded in the past as some of the … Continue reading

Passing of Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology Doyen

Sad news to start the new year with the news of the death of Bernard Donèche, the doyen since 2005 and of the state of the art location for the faculty since 2009, the Institute of the Science of the Vine and Wine. Experienced researcher particularly in wine biochemistry particularly  botrytis cinerea (noble rot). He was also … Continue reading