What's in the News: Bordeaux

WSJ and Reuters reports Parker sells part of The Wine Advocate Singapore investors

robert_parker_new_logo68Following news released yesterday by Robert Parker on TWA subscriber’s bulletin board.  Don’t worry Bordeaux he still plans to taste your wines and the Rhône and will remain chairman but has handed over a large stake of his business to young financial business people based in Singapour, under the editorship of Lisa Perrotti-Brown. TWA takes on an oriental flavour….wait to see how it unfolds as lots of questions go unanswered. Much reporting has not been confirmed.

Good article seemingly based on reported facts by The Drink’s Business


After 34 years Parker has not sold up the editorial control of something so dear to his heart and linked so closely to his name. It is a shot in the arm for TWA to update the website, start advertising and make the most of Parker’s name in Asia.

Wait to hear the facts…..that is the problem with social media, true and untrue news travels fast and gets replicated in a few seconds around the world.

Perhaps this move will lessen the power of a single person’s taste to evaluate wines and marks the decline of ‘the wine expert’s’ domination will (see earlier blog, the wine expert is a dying breed).

Article by Chris Kissack;

“This is a huge sea-change for the Wine Advocate; a new Asian focus, tastings of Chinese wine, and luxury-lifestyle advertising. This is a very new direction, surely indicating that TWA is now under the control of new owners. And these changes have – behind the Parker paywall – been only partially revealed to Parker subscribers, it seems.”


Reuters article;



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