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No 2012 Yquem! announces director Pierre Lurton reports AFP

standing to lose 25 million euro but can afford it being owned by the groupe LVMH. What about the smaller producers who cannot afford to foresake a vintage? Harvesting late they got the worst of the rainy weather. AFP article below. Visited Sauternes at the beginning of November and took these photos at Yquem. 15 … Continue reading

Robert M Parker responds to the tsunami of interest and speculation via Twitter

@RobertMParker “Big news with new investors… never thought it  I would have this much attention…I’ve had investors since 2001 to help me with the business and technology…this will bring great things to subscribers like:  a pdf :), virtual tastings, icon wine program, wine education seminars…eventually expanded coverage including new emerging areas…headquarters REMAINS in Monkton but … Continue reading

WSJ and Reuters reports Parker sells part of The Wine Advocate Singapore investors

Following news released yesterday by Robert Parker on TWA subscriber’s bulletin board.  Don’t worry Bordeaux he still plans to taste your wines and the Rhône and will remain chairman but has handed over a large stake of his business to young financial business people based in Singapour, under the editorship of Lisa Perrotti-Brown. TWA takes on an oriental … Continue reading

Restaurant in the heart of the vines; Château Candale, St Emilion

The beautiful mini château of Candale situated in the rolling hills of St Laurent des Combes opened a restaurant in the midst of its vineyards this summer. At last an opportunity to enjoy lunch (and dinner) amongst the vines in St Emilion. Daily menus are around 16€ and well prepared and presented by chef Cyrille. The wines … Continue reading

Vine Life Cycle: life and death

There comes a moment in a vine’s life when it is time to go. As a vine ages it produces fewer grapes. For sure better more concentrated juice from ‘les vielles vignes’ but at around 60 years of age the amount produced starts to become uneconomical whilst the cost of its maintenance remains the same; pruning, fertiliser, spraying, ‘effeuillage’, green harvest… Either an … Continue reading