Sweet Bordeaux – Time for a Resurgence

The legendary sweet wines of Bordeaux, produced by the magical noble rot, were heralded in the past as some of the world’s finest and longest living wines, enjoyed by the very rich.

Today they can be bought at very fair prices. Due to the painstaking way they are made, their rarity, uniqueness and the fact that these wines are downright delicious, they should be astronomically expensive.

With minuscule yields, astronomical picking costs, and falling prices the sums do not add up for many of the small independent producers particularly when traditional demand for their wine is down.

Is there hope on the horizon with exports up by 13% in 2011 with new emerging markets including China (banned pre 2010), a more modern marketing approach for these historical wines and a potential sweet trend with the younger generation? To read more wait for the publication of the Gilbert & Gaillard magazine in December…. 

Last of the leaves of 2012, Château Lamothe-Guignard, Sauternes

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