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Court of Human Rights gives rightful heir of St Emilion chateau damages of 2.7 million euro

In a story that resembles a Thomas Hardy epic (or a Marcel Pagnol tear-jerker), the EU court of human rights ordered for the illegitimate son, Christian Pascaud, of St Emilion château (Château Badette) to be awarded damages of 2.7 million euro after a court battle lasting eight years. According to winesearcher, the property was sold this year by the commune of St Emilion for 4.7 million euro (reported to be badly in debt). The state of France should pay the damages.


And the original Sudouest article 9 November


From an article in the french paper le sudouest (April 2012) the figure that the property sold for was 2,4 million euro end March to Jean-François Janoueix by the commune of St Emilion. They were legal and administrative bills of over 1 million euro.


The battle was complicated by rights of the tenant as explained in this article from the Sudouest in 2010



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