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Bordeaux Liquoreux 2012: You brave producers

In between the rain falls which washed away any prescence of the magical, ephemeral botrytis, you gallant producers who on a good day get to harvest a glass-full of the precious nectar. Who have to combat the weather at the most precarious time of year, who have to pay astronomically to teams of pickers to … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2012; the key to making ripe fruity wines this year

If the old adage is correct that the colour makes the wine, then 2012 should be a good vintage. The wines are very deep in colour with abundant black fruit aromas. They have reacted well to the post-fermentation period, being left peacefully on the skins at 30°C with just a gently wetting of the cap … Continue reading

S.I.P. – Wines from producers with stained hands and soil on their shoes

The New-found Source of affordable authentic wines made by small independent producers (S.I.P.) – Bordeaux! We don’t hear about them much but Bordeaux is a source of wonderful, affordable authentic wines made by passionate wine producers. Wines made by real people with stained, gnarled hands and soil on their shoes. There are only 250 of … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2012: some Cabernets in need of help

Due to the late season this year many cabernets have not had the time before the arrival of the autumn weather to fully ripen. Many producers have left it as late as possible but suffered from Botrytis. The Cabernets have had to be harvested with still some elements of greeness (pyrazine, aroma of green pepper). … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2012: let’s see what we have

Franck Moureau, Château Béard La Chapelle, St Emilion Grand Cru, tasting his 12 vats Aromas of black fruits, deep colour, good acidity (will reduce after malolactic fermentation)…tannins to come The grape juice has now turned into wine which is slowly extracting the tannins, aromatics and colour from the skins. Now is the time for lots … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2012 Red Harvest coming to a close

What can we say at this early date? Very late harvest started around start October for many Yields down but not as low as predicted, about same as last year Good healthy state of Merlot grapes harvested during first two weeks of October (wetter weather following) (bad news for Sauternes as no botrytis then). Producers have … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2012 – what’s happening?

With the arrival of the wet Autumn weather, the Cabernets are struggling to ripen (most Merlots are in) and rot is setting in. Potential is there (particularly for the Merlot); colour looks good, intense aromas of black fruits, freshness from the cool nights. The last of the cabernets are being harvested int he Medoc and … Continue reading

2012 Harvest Bordeaux – is there time for the Cabernets to ripen now Autumn is here?

  Some producers (St Emilion on the plains and pied de côtes, Pomerol) are celebrating the ‘gerbebaude’ this weekend, the French harvest festival. Many producers are still harvesting as the cooler, autumnal weather arrives. Most Merlot is in now even in the Medoc and Graves (apart from the plateau of St Emilion. There is not … Continue reading

To be or not to be perfectly ripe – secret weapon in the vineyards

There are only one or two days when Alfie the Cocker eats the grapes in the vineyards, when the grapes are perfectly ripe. No need for analysis or even lengthy tasting, he ascertains perfectly when the grapes are at their best.   His puppies will be available for sale in the future.

Thoughts of Bordeaux 2012 Merlot St Emilion now its in the vat

Amazing flourescent colour of the wine this year and the wonderful aromas of raspberry. More like a sweet factory than a winery! Alcohol levels around 13.5°C, acidity levels correct, seemingly good colour so far. The key is not to extract the unripe elements from the skins and pips. The success of 2012 comes down to the winemaker’s decision of … Continue reading