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Thoughts before Red Bordeaux Harvest 2012 gets under way

The potential looks good. The sunny autumn has helped to ripen the grapes. A hot August followed a cool July but there was need for a sunshine boost. The lack of water helped the ‘stress hydrique’ to ocurr early on and cause the vines to aliment the grapes instead of the leaves giving concentration. The … Continue reading

White harvest finished in Bordeaux, reds to come soon

Bordeaux 2012 Merlot Harvest set to start 1st October (record late date)

Potential alcohol levels are already highish for Merlot (around 12.5°) but malic acid is still high but slowly reducing. Producers are holding off to harvest next week after the two days of rain forecast this week. The rate of ripening has slowed down and any increase in sugar levels is due to concentration. The levels of … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2012; grapes ripen in the autumn sunshine, still some way to go

The grapes are sweet and aromatic, the skins still tough and green tasting and the pips still green and unripe. So far the grapes are in good healthy state. The 2012 is late compared to last year, the weather is sunny and set to continue for the time being. The grape bunches look good with … Continue reading

The life of a Young Vine – the important choices for the vigneron

As is often said, a vine as it grows older produces less quantity of grapes but of a better quality as they are more concentrated. There is a point however where the old vines need to be replaced by new. Economics dictates this moment but is affected by a number of factors. There is no rule … Continue reading

Packaging Costs amounts to just under 1€ per bottle St Emilion

FYI costs of whats not in the bottle – Cork: 27 cents Bottle: 24 cents Label: 10 cents Back Label: 3 cents Capsule: 4 cents Carboard Box: 11 cents Total: 79 cents plus another 10 cents each for labour and bottling costs

2012 Bx Ready, set go; Haut Brion led the way with start white harvest

Haut Brion was one of the first off the starting blocks for the 2012 harvest in Bordeaux, picking its Sauvignon grapes on September 4th conciding with the children’s school ‘rentrée. Others have followed suite with smaller than usual yields but so far good healthy grapes with good freshness and aromatics following the coolish summer. Excerpt … Continue reading

New St Emilion Classification 2012 focus changed from terroir to price

The focus of the classification has changed. In the past it was one of the only Bordeaux classifications to be based on terroir, now it is based on price (like everything else) …… Summarised aptly by Stephane Derenoncourt; “Saint-Émilion était la seule appellation où les crus étaient classés en fonction des terroirs, maintenant on a … Continue reading

Welcome but gentle catch-up for Bordeaux’s grapes with September sun

Harvest is approaching. Grapes have very much benefitted from the recent sunshine here for the past few weeks with temperatures between 26 and 33°. Welcome catch-up for the grape’s ripening process. Good weather forecasted to continue. Harvest is going to be late this year due to the cool weather during parts of the summer (particularly … Continue reading