Bordeaux Vintage 2012 so far

Wet spring with rain at time of flowering indicates uneven ripening Even within the same vineyard plot some bunches of grapes are ripe and others are not at all! This is happening even within the same bunch! Wet spring and early summer has meant risk of mildew has been high and necessitated more sulphate spraying … Continue reading Bordeaux Vintage 2012 so far

Changing of the grapes: Green to Red

The grapes are changing colour in the vineyards of Bordeaux, a process called 'veraison'. It is a good indicator of the eventual uniformity of ripeness. A little erratic this year. This is the time that the 'eclaircissage' takes place that is the removing of the superfluous bunches of grapes that are overbunched to create better airflow. … Continue reading Changing of the grapes: Green to Red