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Wind of Change for Bordeaux’s Wine Tourism

First Published in Gilbert & Gaillard International Wine Magazine ‘Portes Ouvertes’; Wind of Change for Wine Tourism in Bordeaux In Bordeaux today châteaux doors are opening to welcome wine tourists in their numbers to enjoy an innovative range of wine-related activities. This has not always been the case for the old world capital of wine, … Continue reading

Summer here at last in Bordeaux and the grapes are getting ready to change colour

Temperatures have risen in the vineyards of Bordeaux since the 14 July bank holiday when many start their summer holidays. The small green grapes are getting bigger and in a week or so will change colour in most of the regions. They have already started in the warm gravel soils of the Graves region south … Continue reading

July Bordeaux Titbits: Latour pulls out and First French Wine TV channel is banned

Here are some of the articles that I have been finding interesting recently and shows you what has been happening here in the news; One of Bx’s First growths leaves the ‘place de bordeaux’ (selling all their wines through the wine merchants in Bx) see my blog article on the place de bordeaux…………….. La … Continue reading

Leaf plucking time in the Bordeaux vineyards

The ‘effeuillage’ or leaf plucking period is upon us in the vineyards of Bordeaux. The leaves that surround the young bunches of grapes are removed on the side of the morning sun (Northern or Eastern side of the vines) to improve air flow and exposure to the sun’s rays. Only this one side of the … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2012 Vintage: Record Rainfall and not much sun for the holiday-makers

The school holidays have started in France and those that holiday in July known as the  ‘juilletistes’ are on the roads heading for their holiday destinations. Temperatures soared on Saturday one of the busiest on the roads in the French calender, but the day ended in torrential downpours for most. For the past few weeks … Continue reading