2011 some promising wines but not exceptional: prices should reflect

Prices have not come down as much as buyers had hoped for in the  2011 primeur campaign. Some are pessimistically expecting ‘Bordeaux to bomb’ over the 2011 campaign. More prices set to come out this week but so far properties have reduced prices by a few percent only despite the big difference in quality compared with 2010.

Parker has said that he thought the quality of 2011 was better than he thought but has awarded only one ‘potential 100/100 to Château Ausone.

I have found some wonderfully made wines, some from the smaller guys. The potential is there. It will never be a 2010 (I think an exceptional vintage topping 2005) and this should be reflected in the prices. 

For the smaller guys their prices hardly change year to year (the costs are pretty much the same) …..they are not out there to make money just to build a steady client base. This is the year to find the good wine makers of smaller châteaux.




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