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Bordeaux Vines caught up, flowering on schedule for next week

The recent hot weather in Bordeaux’s vineyards have meant that the vines have caught up any delay due to cold temperatures and wet weather experienced from mid April until mid May. The much needed rain has filled the empty water tables and the vegetative cycle is ‘full speed ahead’. During flowering we are looking for sunshine and warm consistent temperatures during the … Continue reading

2011 Bordeaux Flurry of prices, despite most down 40% on 2010 interest is tepid

Good article which summarises prices over the past few years; And here are a few comments from Haut Brion is on a par with fellow first growths Lafite and Margaux at €360 ex-negociant, down 45% on last year. Its sister wine La Mission Haut Brionhas dropped 64% on the 2010 price, at €216. … Continue reading

The Launch of SIP; promoting Bordeaux’s small wine-maker via tourism

With the growth in wine tourism in Bordeaux, wine writer and guide Nicolle Croft launches  « SIP » a wine tour company based in Bordeaux specializing in promoting, through wine tourism, the Small Independent Wine Producers in the region. Members of the SIP Wine Club will benefit from direct prices from the small producer. “This is a crucial time in Bordeaux, claims SIP … Continue reading

2011 some promising wines but not exceptional: prices should reflect

Prices have not come down as much as buyers had hoped for in the  2011 primeur campaign. Some are pessimistically expecting ‘Bordeaux to bomb’ over the 2011 campaign. More prices set to come out this week but so far properties have reduced prices by a few percent only despite the big difference in quality compared with 2010. Parker has … Continue reading