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Bordeaux 2012: Abnormal conditions hold things back in the Vineyards

Rain non-stop for 3 weeks slows progress in the Bordeaux vineyards A little sunshine breaks through the clouds at last. It has been three weeks non-stop rain which has slowed the vine growth and soaked the soil filling the water table for later use in the summer. Much better now then later during flowering when rain can … Continue reading

Lafite and Latour surprise announcements

2011 Prices out early for Lafite 350€/bottle, half of 2010 price  (it was slated on Liv-ex). Latour will pull out of the futures market from the 2012 vintage négotiants were informed by letter last week. It implied that the wines will be sold later when more ready to drink. For more information….

The ‘Place de Bordeaux’ – Bordeaux’s Wine Trade under scrutiny

First published in the Gilbert & Gaillard magazine Since wines were first produced in Bordeaux in medieval times, they have been sold through wine merchants via brokers. This way of trading is called the ‘Place de Bordeaux’ and still exists today. Is it an ever-changing efficient model that has enabled Bordeaux wines to become so … Continue reading

2011 Bordeaux Primeur my thoughts so far classic smooth wines…and Left Bank notes

For The 2011 vintage sorted the men from the boys. There are some lovely wines made at the top of the ranking but also by many petit châteaux. The key was to be reactive during the harvest and sort the grapes well. For those who were able to pick when ripe (despite the risk of … Continue reading

Pomerol Bordeaux Primeurs 2011

My favorite wines from the UGC tasting at Beauregard – Château Beauregard; Silky smooth and elegant. Blackcurrant and cream. Château Clinet; Blackcurrant and almond stones, exotic notes of coconut. Very intense nose. Thick sweet and velvet on the palate with notes of sour cherry and freshness. Long finish. Château Gazin;  Sweet cassis perfume after agitation. Cherry … Continue reading

First Taste of St Emilion 2011: Bordeaux Primeurs

For sure 2011 is not another 2009 and 2010 but there are some nice wines for those that waited to pick and sorted well. I think the Merlots are particularly successful. It was a difficult year when producers had to react on the ground. The Spring was very hot which got things off early which … Continue reading

Ploughing in St Emilion with horse power

Ploughing in St Emilion with horse power

‘Surprise’ the one tonne Pecheron horse at work in the heart of St Emilion during the ‘primeurs’

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