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Bordeaux Harvest 2011 in the vats; a good year for good vignerons but no hat-trick

2011 is going to be a good year for producers who have been diligent through the year and reactive during harvest. It will not be another 2009 and 2010 but closer to 2006 in quality. Some producers express relief saying that the market could not withstand another “exceptional” year with “exceptional” prices. The grapes have … Continue reading

Hail hits Bordeaux vineyards two weeks before 2011 harvest is to begin

On 1st September a violent hailstorm struck both St Estephe in the Medoc and 30km around Branne/Grezeillac in Entre Deux Mers (including southern St Emilion). The storm lasted 20 minutes but caused devastation at its epi-centre with hailstorms the size of eggs stripping leaves and slashing grapes on the bunches. Here up to half of the harvest has … Continue reading

Resumé of Primeur Week 2010 (1st week April 2011, Bordeaux)

My most complete tasting ever of the Primeurs and loved it. It is a great year full of rich fruit and smooth tannins – ripe grapes but with the freshness that is the signature of fine Bordeaux. Here are my favorites; PESSAC LEOGNAN (at Ch Malartic Lagraviere) Bouscaut Blanc:   ST EMILION (at Ch Couspaude) … Continue reading