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Bordeaux Wine Region ‘Portes Ouvertes’ 2009

5 et 6 février Blaye au comptoir 50aine de restaurants de Bordeaux Syndicat Viticole des Côtes de Blaye 05 56 42 91 19 31 mars au 2 avril SEMAINE DES PRIMEURS Gironde 4 et 5 avril Printemps des Vins de Blaye Premières Côtes de Blaye Syndicat Viticole des Côtes de Blaye 05 56 42 91 … Continue reading

Hail hits vineyards in Bordeaux

Some  hot and humid weather was followed by electric storms on Tuesday 12th May at about four in the morning in Bordeaux and environs. Hail stones as large as golf stones ravaged the vineyards in St Emilion, Graves, Blaye  and Margaux. The young buds, just becoming well established and in the areas worst hit the vines … Continue reading

2008 the year to change Bordeaux?

2008 is deemed by all to be better than 2007 and 2006 and yet prices are being reduced by half. Why? Because of the financial climate and because of the run of ‘average’ cooler vintages since 2005. That was the vintage of the century with wonderful wines being produced throughout the region, Grand Cru Classe … Continue reading