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Second Wines from Top Bordeaux Chateaux: verdict

I meet every month or two with a group of women who work in and around the Bordeaux Wine Trade (yes they do exist in this male dominated domain) ¬†for a convivial wine tasting. Round at someone’s house, a few bites to eat and a tasting that runs along the lines of; each person brings … Continue reading

2008 update on what is being said before the primeurs

Just before the Primeurs start next week, here is a synopsis of what is being said by those in the know (producers, negociants in Bordeaux, University of Bordeaux) about the quality of the 2008 harvest and why. THE 2008 VINTAGE SPRING very cold spring caused delay in flowering and led to frost damage on the … Continue reading

The Financial Backdrop to the 2008 Primeur Campaign

Never before has there been so much talk about the Primeur system and how it is time for things to change in Bordeaux. The Primeur is a particular Bordeaux phenomenon (although seen minimally elsewhere). This is due to the high percentage of new oak barrels that are needed to age the wine in for a … Continue reading

Learning to Prune the Bordeaux way

I realised a life-long ambition last week – to learn to prune a vine. It is a very important step in the life cycle of the vine and determines how many bunches of grapes will be produced. The sun beat down on the old knarled Cabernet Sauvignon vines. The idea is to leave a ‘cot’ … Continue reading