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News from the vats: Bordeaux 2008

The rains have arrived in Bordeaux and luckily all the grapes have been picked, squashed, fermented and now the wine is undergoing its post fermentation maceration period. The fermentation lasts around a week on average and then the wine is left on its skins for approximately another two weeks. For each vat the density of … Continue reading

2008 Bordeaux White Wines Winners again

: With the coolness of the growing season and the resulting high acidity levels the white wines of 2008 seem to have a wonderful aromatic profile and freshness and even more concentration than 2007. Bodes well for the sweet wines too. They are in the process of being harvested. This is done by hand and … Continue reading

2008 Bordeaux: Small Yields help with the quality

Yves Raymond of Chateau Saransot Dupre, Listrac, Haut Medoc comments on the recent 2008 harvest at his property in Listrac: “I have just finished the harvet and this year have very small yields – around 35 hectolitres per hectare. Thanks to this small quantity the quality will be at least equal to 2007 and perhaps even … Continue reading

Bordeaux Harvest 2008 Roundup

The temperatures are mild and the sunshine is still around with brief rainfalls. The 2008 red harvest has started in the Bordeaux vineyards. For those who have carried out leaf pulling and grape thinning there is not too much rot. The grapes are sweet and should naturally give around the 12.5% alcohol that the producers are … Continue reading

Fresh Fruit and Elegance…and it is Spanish?

We had just finished our sixth glass of a dark spicy, cherry sweet wine at our Winetasting club (all women working in the wine trade living in Bordeaux – Irish, English, French, Dutch representatives). The theme was ‘Grenache/Syrah’ and we were pretty much ‘shirazed’ out. Each of us girls brings a bottle and serves it blind to our … Continue reading

Bordeaux Harvest 2008: Ready, Set, Go…..

The sun has stopped shining in Bordeaux and short spells of rain mark the end of the autumnal top-up that made the wine producers smile for a while. They have not got a lot to smile about this year. Sugar levels are surprisingly quite high but acidity total (malic and tartric acid combined) levels are … Continue reading