Last few weeks before harvest 2008 in Bordeaux

The sun is shining in Bordeaux with temperatures about 22 degrees C in the middle of the day and everyone is smiling. This sunshine has lasted for a week or so now. The mornings are cold (about 10 degrees) but the days soon warm up and the grapes are basking in the delicious Autumn sun. The wine producers are waiting. Every once of sunshine benefits the grape’s ripening, increasing polyphenol levels (tannin ripeness). Acidity levels are high still so the wise are waiting. A few weeks ago there was a lot of rain which served to swell the grapes and dilute the sugars.

There is some problem of grey rot but for those who have leaf pulled efficiently during the summer and green harvested the bunches of grapes that were too close to eachother – rot is minimal.

It is true we have not had the Indian Summer of 2007 which saved the day last year. Saying that quantities of grapes are reduced this year due to bad flower setting in May due to cold spells and rain. Many properties are estimating a 25% drop in yield this year across the board – dry and sweet whites and reds.

For the moment it is a waiting game.

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