2008 Bordeaux pre and flowering

At last the sun is shining in Bordeaux after a very wet spring. The vines are about two weeks behind normal with the lack of sun and wet conditions but so far the infant light green leaves are healthy and growing.  Lot of greenery and vegetation which will be trimmed back in time during 'le rognage'.  Most … Continue reading 2008 Bordeaux pre and flowering

2005 Bordeaux – Union de Grand Cru Tasting

The third edition 'Le Weekend des Grands Amateurs' Bordeaux on 17th May What a wonderful relaxed tasting which just goes to show how open Bordeaux is becoming. The members  of the Union des Grands Crus are used to this though showing their wines, chatting about the vintages and the breakdown of grape varieties in that … Continue reading 2005 Bordeaux – Union de Grand Cru Tasting

Global Warming is helping Champagne – Louis Roederer

Cellar master Jean-Baptiste B Lecaillon of Champagne Louis Roederer presented the a range of Champagnes from this Grande Marque Champagne House. He talked to us of the effect of the warming up of the climate and the positive effect it has had so far on the cold, northerly Champagne climate. CHAMPAGNE - a few interesting facts There are only … Continue reading Global Warming is helping Champagne – Louis Roederer

2007 Bordeaux Vintage Roundup

Overall Evaluation of the 2007 Wines: Those that could afford to do the work in the vineyard and severly select in the cellars produced fruity soft medium-bodied wines for earlyish drinking. Wines predominantly made from Cabernet Sauvignon were the winners this year over Merlot. The overall winners this year were the dry white wines and … Continue reading 2007 Bordeaux Vintage Roundup

Parker agrees with Lady Penelope

This en primeur game is quite a laugh- thunderbirds! Parker was  not too complimentary about the 2007 vintage but said it was better than what he expected and only awarded 100 points to two wines, both white and both my favorites agreeing that the whites were the overall winers this year; Haut Brion Blanc and Pape-Clement … Continue reading Parker agrees with Lady Penelope

Are you a Robert or a Jancis?

It is scientifically proven that we all taste differently. The appreciation of wine is subjective. How can one person describe a wine for another? They don't. All a wine critic can do is describe what they taste, what their olfactory system is telling them. This differs depending on their sex, age, culture, diet, time of … Continue reading Are you a Robert or a Jancis?

Bordeaux BBQ Wines!

If I hold my arms up in the air and make the biggest circle I can clasping my hands together - this is the size of the entrecote cooked on an open fire in the garden of Yves-Dominique and Laura Pages. Yves is a specialist in all things wonderful to eat and sells fine wines … Continue reading Bordeaux BBQ Wines!

1989 Bordeaux vintage; arrival in Bordeaux in 2CV

It was around lunchtime when I finally arrived in Bordeaux in my English Charleston 2CV (black and Bordeaux colouring of course) onto the Quai de Bacalan. It was 21st August 1989. It was hot and there was not a soul to be seen. Little did I know that it was the hottest summer since 1949 and that the harvest … Continue reading 1989 Bordeaux vintage; arrival in Bordeaux in 2CV

1979 Figeac, St Emilion; the sum of its parts guessing game

Five glasses of mahogany brown-orange tinged wine but what are they? The colour alone indicates considerable evolution during the slow oxidation over the years of ageing in bottle. A slow changing of the colour as the purple and red hues of youth fade to browns and oranges. (Both red and white wines end up the same tawny orangy colour at the … Continue reading 1979 Figeac, St Emilion; the sum of its parts guessing game