2007 Pichon-Baron, 2nd Growth Pauillac : Combination of special terroir and reduced yields produce a ‘big but fine wine’

Christian Seely, Director of Axa Millesimes talks us through the challenges of the 2007 vintage in the vineyard and how the Indian Summer played its role in producing terrific Cabernets. Reduced yields through the pruning and green harvests and the soil helps to minimize the vine’s access to water by being so well drained. Tasted the range of the Axa owned properties in Bordeaux.

2007 Pichon-Baron : 65%  Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot

Blackcurrant richness and minerality of hot stones, muscular but also finesse of smooth tannins and ripe Cabernet fruit. 55% of what was harvested went into the first wine (les Tourelles is second wine).

2007 Pibran, Pauillac

Earthy, ripe and rich. Bit rustic.

2007 Petit-Village, Pomerol : 72% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc

Second vintage produced with Stephane Derenencourt as consultant. Seeley likes his ‘respect for the fruit’ with each process being gentle and minimal pumping etc and long contact on lees. Quite closed nose with notes of violets. On the palate sweet concentrated cherry almost syrup-like. First vintage to be made in the renovated cellars at Petit-Village. In 2004 pulled up a quarter of the vineyards which has planted to bad clones of Merlot and replaced. So have had a lot less wine to work with. Very pleased with the results.

2007 S de Suiduiraut :

Dry white wine of Suiduiraut first produced in 2004. 70% Sauvignon and 30% Semillon. Very fruit driven, almost like crunching into grapes in your mouth. Lots of zingy citrus flavours, high acidity, purity and freshness. 25% new oak used. 70% fermented in barrels and res tin vat. 500 cses produced.

2007 Suduiraut

Very powerful and rich. Caramelized marmalade flavours. Almost forget that it is sweet.


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