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Hopes for Bordeaux 2014 rise but storms and hail risk all

Hopes for Bordeaux 2014 rise but storms and hail risk all

As we finish the third week of hot sunshine with daily temperatures of 30°C, electrical storms and heavy rain have arrived in the Bordeaux wine region with hail  in lower St Emilion. Ideally the grapes would have a week or two more sunshine but the very sunny weather since the beginning of September has driven … Continue reading

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  • PRIMEURS 2012: 8-12 April OPEN DOOR ST EMILION: 4th and 5th May FETE DE FLEUVE: 24 May to 2nd June VINEXPO : 16-20 June (professional fair) UNION GRAND CRU: Amateur Tasting 18 May ST EMILION JAZZ 19 - 22 July
  • Why not plan a trip to Bordeaux in 2013? The best times are the Spring and early summer.

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Nicolle Croft

Nicolle Croft

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20 years of experience in the vineyards of Bordeaux enables me to open doors and offer visits and experiences that truly go behind the scenes. Meet the passionate Small Independent Producers (S.I.P.) with stained hands and soil on their shoes and buy their wines direct via the S.I.P. Wine Club.


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